27 Apr 2012



3 Dec 2008


3rd December 2008

Last month of 2008.

Too many things to tell for OJT. I rather not blog about it as it will remind myself of the terrible moments.

Last last week, I got a new CD, Late Night Moods Moonlight Bossa by Smoove Records. Fantastic.

Pictures of me and my bro going to my dad's office at Hong Kong Street, opposite The Central. Cool place.

*yawn* Will blog more next time!


29 Nov 2008


Give me a moment

Let me think how should i blog so many things at the same time...


19 Nov 2008



Sorry, no time... need to squeeze everything together. hehe.
18th November 2008

Another block leave. Yeah. It coincide with my brother's last paper - chem MCQ. Great, i think i finally have someone to go out with! He is thinking of buying a brown PSP. I think that's a good idea- we can play together by game sharing!
Later in the day, both of us met at Funan to look for PSP. However, we didnt. We(or actually he) spent most of time talking about his chemistry paper to me. We agreed to go up to Fort Canning to have a walk. You know, every time after exams, both of us like to go for a walk at Fort Canning. Not sure why, but I guess its the tranquility atmosphere bah. These photos were taken using PSP300 camera, the camera that couldn't make it. yet the pictures turn out so great! Then, we went to suntec and lastly to Marina square.
19th November 2008
My bro and I went for run at Bedok Reservoir. Wah... 3km i really feel like dying le. After the run, we went to the vending machine to get drinks(pocari sweat of course!) I bought 2 50c and 20c coins. My brother, however, bought 5$ notes. Who in the hell would bring a note, as if there's a convenience shop at Bedok Reservoir??? You see, the vending machine only accepts coins and $2 notes.
Dying for thirst, he wanted to change his 5$ notes to a lady. The lady told him that she has $2. My bro, generously, said he is completely fine with exchanging 5$ with 2$(stupid!). Surprisingly, the lady gave him the 2$ for free! OMG... We earned 2$ just like that? *cough* As a morally right person, I told my brother to return her the remaining 80c.
The question is that why didn't she not accept the 5$? The only reason I can think of is that my bro's 5$ outweighs her 2$. Imagine I go around the street exchanging 1000$ notes just to buy a 1.20$ drink. The person will think that his $1.20 is too insignificant compared to the 1000$. So, he's just being fine about losing his $1.2 rather than gaining $998.8

Oh, another factor may be because she's just too rich. I saw her driving a BIG BIG car after that. Afterall, it's okay for the rich to share some wealth with the poor. :)


9 Nov 2008


9th November 2008

Another 10 posts to 300th post. A good sunday everyone. I lost my friday night for the stupid duty. So, it seems that my weekend is shortened. But , nvm, I'm booking out tomorrow night too for harbour practical. :P

Yummy homegrown vegetable by my sis.

This year's H2 Maths paper isn't very easy.... hmm...

My new lab. Click http://iyap-lab.blogspot.com to visit.



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